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Software for University Units

Summary of available software agreements and their terms & conditions .

Some of the main software agreements available at University of Edinburgh
Software Agreement Who can use the software Where can it be used and for what? Home and personal use
Adobe Named member of Staff or Student with a license On university campus for academic work Staff or student with a subscription get a second installation for personal/home use

Staff and Students in subscribed schools

some restrictions

Within UK and Ireland, permission required elsewhere Yes, installations for university work subject to license restrictions
Endnote Staff and Students, some restrictions On institution machines on campus and for install at home. For academic work Staff and students install Endnote on their home/personal computers for academic work
Erdas Imagine, LPS and ER Mapper Geosciences School Authorised user Any user for educational purposes Home use rights included for authorised users
Inspiration Staff and Students All university machines including staff PCs, disability and laptop loans. All university sites. For staff only for university work. For students only on university owned laptops..
Mathematica Staff and students in subscribed schools Teaching and research Home use available for staff and students in the school.
Mathworks TAH for Matlab Staff and Students at the university. Staff and students have home use. It can be used on campus or virtually. See link to wiki for details. For staff and students. 
Microsoft Select Agreement

Licenses ordered individually. 

Systems owned by the Institution. Use reseller sites for personal purchases
Microsoft Campus/EES agreement Staff counted in the agreement and shared machines in subscribing units On counted staffs' work & home PCs and shared machines. Not for commercial gain. Office365 portal, office download for staff and students. Azure dev tools for teaching for stem units.

Staff and Students, 

On university PCs and laptops. Now home use for university work, windows only. Online subscription available. Home use download for staff & students, online version available and also discounted personal purchases. (secured)
Minitab Staff and Students in subscribed units University machines and personal computers. For academic purposes only. Annual licenses can be purchased via ePay. Perpetual licenses via download also available.
Nvivo Staff and students On university or personal/home computers. Use outside Uk & Ireland restricted to 3 months. Yes, but with geographical restriction. (secured)

Staff and Students in subscribed units

some special conditions

On campus and home use. Restricted outside UK and ireland to 3 month.
Sigmaplot Staff and Students in subscribed units University Campuses, university owned or leased machines Home use permitted for full time staff and students
Sophos Staff, Students, Honorary staff and official visitors At the university and on home computers Yes, download from sophos web site
SPSS Academic Staff in AHSS & MVM colleges & Geosciences and all Students, some special conditions On university computers or on personal computer. Excludes university admin, NHS use or for profit

Home use for academic staff and students.

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