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Software for Staff, Units and Schools

This section is about how to obtain site licensed software for units and schools. Some software can be ordered directly through Software Services Team, other software is ordered directly through a publisher or a reseller.

How To Order

How to order software from Software Services Team

Delivery of Orders

Orders by schools or other university units to Information services are usually via EIT. Some deals require direct orders to external companies or resellers usually made via pecos or external purchase order.

Software for University Units

Summary of available software agreements and their terms & conditions .

For more details

Before purchasing, please check what software is available, where and how it can be ordered. More information about our software can be found at:

Main Software Deals                              Web pages contain detailed information on each of our main site licenses and bulk purchase agreements.
Software Interest  (secured)

Sometimes we might not have what you're looking for, but we might be looking into a software deal if there is enough interest.

Please fill in this form if you think a software deal needs to be considered.

All IT support calls should first be raised with IS Helpline