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Purchase SPSS

This page links to information on getting SPSS site license software at the university

Academic staff in non-subscribing schools can still purchase annual licences for SPSS. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our Licence Agreement does NOT permit admit, commerical or NHS use, even if you purchase a licence from us.  If you would like to use SPSS for non-academic purposes please go to the IBM SPSS UK website. 


IBM SPSS UK Store (not education)

How do I order? How do I get it? How much does it cost?
Order from Software Services Team

SPSS can be installed onto University Managed PCs via Software Center and MACs via Self-Service portal. See FAQs for how to access these.

For personal devices or non-managed machines Software Services Team will email you annual codes and a download link. Please fill in the SPSS Licence Request Form to receive codes and download link.

£50 per single user licence.

School or unit-wide annual licenses are available. Please contact Software Services Team for prices and info.

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Getting SPSS on Campus

SPSS on supported desktops SPSS can be installed on Supported desktops by choosing it from the Software Center or Self-service store. 
SPSS on unsupported computers

School IT staff from subscribing units can get access to the software images and codes from Software Services if they need to install on unmanaged machines.

Staff and students can use one of the forms in  Downloading SPSS section to download and install SPSS on their home or personal computers.

Buying SPSS Admin staff in non-subscribing schools i.e. outwith AHSS & MVM colleges & Geosciences other units may have single licenses.

SCE college units can buy individual licenses or bundles via EIT from Software Services. Single licenses are £50 per annum. Contact Software Services for details of bulk discounts. University units can order SPSS licenses via EIT

N.B. Any installation or distribution of the SPSS software and codes on or off campus must comply with the site license terms and conditions. 

Getting SPSS from the company

If you are not entitled to get SPSS under our agreement then check the SPSS company web pages for non-education pricings.

There is also an online academic store which offers various SPSS products but they are slightly more expensive than our single copy when last checked.