Information Services

SPSS home use for staff and students

UoE Academic Staff and Students can use SPSS on their home machines or laptops for university work.

If staff have a license for their office computer, it can also be installed on their home computer or laptop for university work.

SPSS for HSS & MVM colleges, Geosciences school

Academic staff from HSS & MVM colleges and Geosciences school are covered by their unit wide licenses. 

Manual installation

Staff in subscribed units

Academic staff in these Colleges or school may request a code and a download for the SPSS software from: SPSS Codes Request Form.

All current students

All current UoE students can login with their ease account and use either the Student SPSS 25 form or  Student SPSS 24 form (secured) to get the codes for that version and access details to the new test facility to download and install SPSS for home use on a personal computer.

N.B. IT support in subscribed units may also supply software and codes to their staff and students. If they do, staff and students should fill out the online SPSS copyright form (secured).

SPSS for SCE college and other units

Other (mainly SCE) Staff can purchase personal copies for £50 per annum via ePay.

Remember the Terms and Conditions: This software is available for university work only, it should not be used for benefit of external bodies, for commerical benefit or for use in NHS.

Everyone who has SPSS or its related bundles from our site license installed on their machine should sign an SPSS copyright form. Alternatively if you submit or have submitted the online codes request form, that's doing the same thing.