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Installing using codes

Enter or update codes for local Site License installations using SPSS license authorization wizard.

There are few ways to get SPSS installed on your computer at the university, see SPSS licensing Model. Most require an update your authorisation each year, unless your installation points to our license server. 

After a new installation or if you have to update an existing install, you need an new annual authorisation code to use in the SPSS License Authorization wizard to update the license.

SPSS license authorization wizard

The authorization wizard can be found in the SPSS installation folder where SPSS was installed - it's different for different operating systems.

  • Windows path: Program Files/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/version_number/
  • Macintosh path: Applications/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/version_number/

Open the SPSS License Authorization Wizard, choose the Authorized User option and follow instructions to enter the code.

Please do not contact IBM SPSS if you are having trouble with install SPSS from our site license, contact IS help services or your school IT support in the first place.

Once your product is successfully licensed, please remember to fill in and return the SPSS Copyright Acknowledgement Form to Software Services if you haven't before. 

 SPSS Copyright Acknowledgement Form

Any problems?

Contact IS Helpline - for installation and code updating help in the first instance. When reporting a problem please include details of the computer's operating system, any error message, error number or symptom number you may have received.

If you have any difficulties with the installation or renewal of codes, check that you have put in the correct authorization code in the first place and that the date on your computer is correct. Send your code to to check it's correct..

Installation instructions

SPSS provide installation and update instructions on the web, some of these guides are on Statistical computing wiki (requires ease login).

There are three different sorts of SPSS code

  • Authorization Codes are about 20 characters long and look like: 4a581exxxxxxd5869609. They should not be confused with License Codes
  • License Codes are much longer, about 92 characters and look like: YJWIPNMC6CR4NMAKZKB2CTCFSJC38GHHKSXXXXXXXFMA6TJMYJIEK7KS7DFVPQNEFMO5YB269PNSWSTZJDXE27TFOJ8BK.
  • Lock Codes are unique to your computer and are used to generate the long license codes. Lock Codes look like 4-22222 or 10-22222