Information Services

SPSS License Codes

If you do a manual Site License installation of SPSS, you will need a current authorization code to activate it.

Every year after that in September you will need to enter a new code authorize the software for the next academic year.

SPSS from managed desktop application store and other Network Installations use the license server so you won't need to bother with annual codes.

Requesting the latest license code

We distribute codes to whoever pays for the license, so contact whoever paid for your license in the first place. Staff and students in HSS & MVM colleges can use the use this form to request the latest SPSS authorisation code  from Software Services.

Please take care of the codes

Never email authorization codes or license codes to the main Software Services email address, IS help services or to unidesk but rather always use the specific address see Software services contact details for more info.

And follow this link to find out how to install or renewal SPSS using code 

Show License command output
Output from the SHOW LIC. command

Checking your SPSS license

You can check the date when your copy of SPSS is licensed until and what modules you have available using the SPSS syntax command SHOW LIC. or SHOW LICENSE. Use the following steps to run the command:

  • Launch SPSS.
  • Choose File > New > Syntax from the menu to open a new SPSS syntax window.
  • Type in the command SHOW LIC. into the syntax window (including the full stop).
  • Choose Run > All from the menu.

The output window should contain a table similar to the example below from 2013 renewal. Not all these modules will be available under different operating systems.