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SPSS licensing model

The licensing model for SPSS installation or license renewal is the same across Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms of SPSS.

The model you have will depend on how it is installed and whether you are able to connect to the University's network.

SPSS license model

The following table shows how SPSS receives its license updates on different types of computer running Microsoft Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating systems.

1. Permanent connection to University network. Updated automatically via University license server. Windows managed desktop computors ise this route and request access to SPSS via the Application Catalogue.
2. Desktop computer or laptop with internet connection available during installation. User runs license wizard, puts in authorisation code and authenticates over the internet.
3. Desktop computer or laptop connecting to University network at least once a week. The weekly connection to the license server regularly checks the commuter license against the license server.
4. Desktop computer or laptop with no internet access. User runs the license wizard, puts in authorisation code to generate a lock code. They then email the lock code and SPSS version to to receive a License code in return.

For more details to install and update licenses, please go to: guides for installing and licensing SPSS

N.B. The above information is only for work-related use by Academic Staff or Students at the University of Edinburgh who have acquired an SPSS license via our site license. We cannot supply authorization, lock or license codes externally to other Universities or individuals.