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SPSS at the university

This page links to information on getting SPSS site license software at the university

The site licenses permits use of SPSS for teaching and research by  Academic Staff in subscribed units and for all students on university computers and at home.

AHSS and MVM colleges subscribe to college-wide licenses as part of the UoE SPSS site license. Geosciences have a school wide license.

It permits unlimited installs of SPSS on computers in their offices, as well as home use for their Academic Staff and Students for university work. School IT staff should have access to the software and codes. Their staff can use the codes request form (secured).

N.B. No other university units subscribe to a unit-wide SPSS licenses at the moment.

New Service

Any current UoE student can login with their ease account and use the Student SPSS 25 form or Student SPSS 24 form (secured) to get the codes and access to the new test download facility to download and install SPSS for home use on a personal computer.

 Student SPSS 23 form (secured) is available for students to request codes for the older version but we would recommend upgrading especially if you have a nwe operating system.

SPSS for other units

Outwith AHSS & MVM colleges & Geosciences other units may have single licenses.

SCE college units can buy individual licenses or bundles via EIT from Software Services. Single licenses are £50 per annum. Contact Software Services for details of bulk discounts. University units can order SPSS licenses via EIT

N.B. Any installation or distribution of the SPSS software and codes on or off campus must comply with the site license terms and conditions. Information on how academic staff and students can get SPSS for home use

Installing SPSS

Once you have confirmed that you are covered by one of the college wide site license, there are two routes to follow depending on whether you are having it installed either on your managed desktop or on another non-University-managed computer at the university.

Getting SPSS from the company

If you are not entitled to get SPSS under our agreement then check the SPSS company web pages for non-education pricings.

There is also an online academic store which offers various SPSS products but they are slightly more expensive than our single copy when last checked.