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SigmaPlot is available to the university under an annual site licence held by software Services.

Sigmaplot is a graphing package which now incorporates the statistical functionality of the former Sigmastat package.

Sigmaplot annual renewal is 1st June. Annual codes expire on 30th June.

Sigmaplot for schools

A school wide license for Sigmaplot cost £2500 per annum and single licenses are £175 per annum.

Licenses is purchased via EIT from Software Services. The annual renewal date is 1st June, purchases at other times of the year will be charged pro rata.

Currently three schools have school wide sigmaplot licenses:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Geosciences
  • PPLS

Sigmaplot for home use

Full-time academic staff and students are permitted to install a copy at home for university work per license purchased. Unfortunately this does not include distance learners.