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SAS Home Use Agreement

Licence Annex: Home Use Undertakings from the Eduserv SAS agreement.

Home use undertakings

Subject to the Home User accepting the following provisions, the Licensor grants the Home User the right to Home Use of the Software

1. Definitions

  • “Home Use” means a Home User may install the Software on a single computer of their own, which shall only be used by the Home User and only for the purposes of their own education, learning, private study, personal development or academic research or in connection with teaching the Licensee’s students.
  • “Home User” means any student or staff for whom the Licensee is responsible.
  • “Licensee” means the party who has licensed the Software from the Licensor.
  • “Licensor” means the party who allows Home Use of the Software.
  • “Software” means the product shown on Eduserv’s Chest website.

2. Undertakings

The Home User agrees:

  • to adhere to the terms and conditions of this Annex and/or such other terms and conditions that the Licensor may require;
  • to use the Software for Home Use only;
  • not to receive any payment, consideration or concession of any kind from Home Use nor to use the Software for any commercial purpose;
  • not to sell, resell, sublicense, lease, rent, hire, loan or transfer the Software or make it available to any other person or party;
  • not to remove, obscure or modify copyright notices, disclaimers, text or means of identification appearing in the Software;
  • not to alter, adapt, modify, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or create any derivative works of the Software except to the extent necessary to make it readable on a computer screen, or as otherwise permitted by law;
  • that the Software is made available “as is” without warranty, except for any statutory warranty that may not be excluded by law;
  • that no support is available for Home Use from the Licensor;
  • to co-operate as required by the Licensee and/or the Licensor, at any reasonable time and subject to reasonable notice, in order to demonstrate compliance with these undertakings;
  • that these undertakings are given to the Licensee and Licensor, either or both of whom may enforce the same.