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Microsoft Select

Schools and units can buy a wide range of Microsoft products at discount under Select.

Microsoft Select licences are purchased via Software Services Team

How To Order

The cost for the most popular Microsoft Select products are currently:

Microsoft Project Standard 2021 Single User Licence £92.84 per single user
Microsoft Project Professional 2021 Single User Licence £154.22 per single user
Microsoft Visio Standard 2021 Single User Licence £42.26 per single user
Microsoft Visio Professional 2021 Single User Licence £79.12 per single user

The full Microsoft Select price list is available at:

The pricelist is only for the latest editions of products, updated at the beginning of the month - although it will not be updated if there are no price changes. If you want an older version of the software you have to buy the latest version and downgrade. N.B. Microsoft only provide a single worksheet pricelist now. In the product types,  Software assurance and SA Step-up items have been filtered out in the spreadsheet as we cannot purchase them without an accompanying license. If they may appear in the price tables please ignore them.



Microsoft Select Price List Explained



Checklist for Select orders from price list.

Product Family indicates the generic product name such as 'ACCESS' or 'Project Professional', usually including the products type such as 'Professional'. If there is no qualification then it is usually indicates the standard version of the software.
Item Name Contains sometimes a contraction of the product name and the details of what you are buying including version number.
Part Number Microsoft part number, useful to check the order.
Product Version do you want this latest version. If you want an earlier version use the current version price and specify the earlier version on your order.
Product Type License only, license plus Software Assurance for upgrades or other type of license? See below for more on license types.
Number How many licenses do you want?
VAT or VAT exempt? All the prices are presented without VAT and with  VAT in two separate columns. If you are VAT exempt, supply the exemption form with the order or it won't be processed.


The price list contains separate prices for the following license types:

Microsoft Product types explained.
Standard Perpetual  license for that software version but no entitlement to upgrades. This is the most used type of licence. One-off payment.
License /Software Assurance Pack Perpetual, license which can be upgraded to a newer version - now by default for 3 years Software Assurance from purchase. One-off payment.
Monthly Subscriptions-VolumeLicense Monthly subscription to a service, x 12 for annual rate. No perpetual license, service ceases at end of subscribed period.
Upgrade is an upgrade to the current version of the software but no entitlement to upgrades in the future.
Upgrade/Software Assurance Pack

is an upgrade for a select license and 3 years software assurance for upgrades for 3 years.


Server Licences

The licensing model for SQL server software is quite complicated - please check your requirement with Software Services Team before placing the order. The correct licensing can depend on the spec of the server it's going onto, the number of virtual servers and the type of client access.

There is guidance on How to run and license an SQL server at Microsoft which might be helpful to look at before you order. But if you are at all unsure please contact us with your server details and what you want to do so we can check.



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