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Microsoft EES Agreement

Microsoft EES agreement provides the University with core Microsoft systems, desktop products and online services for the university

Microsoft EES is a 3 year agreement with annual updates on 1st November each year.

The new EES agreement is slightly different form the older agreements. The count will now be based on the EQU definition rather than the older headcount- we will add some FAQs to illustrate the differences. Because we license the whole of the university we get office 365 A3 for all the students - so they can download copies of office to their own computers, tablets and mobiles.

Who is covered by the new EQU staff count?

Microsoft EES agreement covers the university estate now using the new staff EQU count officially done on 1st November each year. 

The Microsoft definition of an Education Qualified User (EQU) is as follows: “Education Qualified User” means an employee or contractor (except Students) who access or uses an Education Platform Product for the benefit of the Institution.

This count should include all visitors, volunteers and contractors who are using the university systems for the university.. Guest lecturers and visitors who use their own devices would not be included.

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