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Ordering and Getting Microsoft Software

Our Microsoft Campus agreement covers core desktop products, some server licenses and provides several benefits. Other products not covered can be bought under the Microsoft Select Scheme.

Microsoft campus

Most UoE Microsoft software is got through the annual Microsoft Campus (EES) subscription, consultation starts in August, orders placed in October. Server software and online services can be included in the order or added during the year.

Campus orders are placed by EIT to Software Services. Contact Software Services in the first instance for prices

Office365 online and Imagine Premium are 'Free' benefits courtesy of our Microsoft Campus agreement.

Microsoft Select

Some perpetual software licenses and services be purchased via the Microsoft Select scheme. The Select prices are published monthly.

Select purchases are placed via EIT to Software Services

Routes for Getting Microsoft Software

The following table is a guide to what microsoft products are available on site at the university. Notice that there is quite often more than one route depending on individual circumstances. See How to get Microsoft Software for more details.

Microsoft Products Who's covered by which agreement  
Microsoft Office and Windows Upgrades

Microsoft campus covers university shared machines and sole use staff machines at UoE sites.

Microsoft Select to buy perpetual licenses for sole use student or non-staff computers at UoE sites.


Project Pro - Visio Pro/Prem - Visual Studio ent

Microsoft Select to buy licenses for these and similar products not covered by Microsoft Campus

Imagine Premium 'free' for  STEM school staff and students for learning and teaching only

Office 365 online For all staff and students 'free' as a benefit of microsoft campus. Includes downloads of office for home/mobile device use.  
Online services

Can be purchased, attached to Microsoft Campus agreement.

Imagine Premium STEM school staff and students can get access to some  online services 'free' for learning and teaching only

Server software - dev tools - Operating systems

Microsoft Campus subscriptions or Microsoft Select perpetual licenses can be bought for most server software and dev tools.

Imagine Premium STEM school staff and students can get a range of software 'free' for learning and teaching only

Softcat, our reseller, can quote for products such as full windows licenses, not covered by campus or select.


Home Use

Look at the Student and Staff options for Microsoft home use page for more about getting the software at home or for mobile device use.