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Matlab for use at home

Staff and student can install and use matlab on their home computers for University work.

License extended to 30th September 2020. Codes will warn from 1st October & expire 1st November 2020.A new contact should be in place by then

If your matlab installation is giving you a warning

Instructions to activate the new license can be found at:

For Staff and Students

Staff and students can get activation code to download and license Matlab by filling in the relevant online request form using a current staff/student EASE login respectively.

STAFF matlab codes request form (secured)

STUDENT matlab codes request form (secured)

N.B. Support for Matlab is principally via local school contacts, Mathworks TAH local contacts list is on the local wiki.

Free MATLAB online courses through our university campus-wide licence

Free access to a number of MATLAB online courses including:

  • MATLAB Fundamentals
  • MATLAB Programming Techniques
  • MATLAB for Data Processing and Visualization
  • Machine Learning with MATLAB
  • MATLAB for Financial Applications

To access these courses, please follow the link below:

Complimentary MATLAB Training for University of Edinburgh

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