Information Services

Endnote Personal Copies for Staff and Students

Staff and students at the university download personal copies of Endnote, buy a license or EndnoteWeb online.

Staff and students can request download copies of Endnote for installing on their own machines.

Personal Copies

Under the new Endnote site license, staff and students at the university are now permitted to install Endnote on their personal computers for research and teaching. This site license software is time limited and will require and update of codes when the subscription is renewed in January 2021. 

Download Service

Staff from subscribing units and all students are now able to request and download endnote software for installation on their personal devices.

Endnote student personal request form (secured)  This form requires an ease login to verify UoE student status
Endnote staff personal request form (secured)

This form requires ease login to verify UoE staff status.

Further verification by Software Services Team.

Visiting Staff also require authorisation from their UoE unit.

Using EndnoteWeb

EndNoteWeb is a web-based version of EndNote available to university staff and students as part of our site license. Similar to the EndNote desktop version, it is used for managing and citing references in papers and creating bibliographies by means of a web account.

You need to register for an EndNote Web account while connected to the University network (since the IP address of the computer is checked to confirmation authorization). Again the VPN service allows you to connect to the university network outwith the university campus. Once registered you don't need to be on the university network to use it.

Through the company

Endote can be purchased directly from the company as a one off purchase. More details at:

VPN service

You can connect to the university network remotely by registering for the VPN service for the University of Edinburgh network.