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Printing on non-supported devices

How to print on non-supported computers or personal devices.

1. EveryonePrint

This service, only available on the Uni network, allows you to upload or send by email, files, for release on a Cloud printer.

You have 24 hours after sending your print job to 'release it', otherwise it will be automatically removed from the queue.

EveryonePrint web interface

EveryonePrint: Video guide (YouTube)

EveryonePrint FAQs

Releasing your EveryonePrint print job on a cloud device

  1. Find a nearby Cloud printer and swipe your Uni card on the reader to login.
  2. Choose 'EveryonePrint', select your print job (select 'options' to change the default print settings) and press 'Print'.
  3. Swipe your Uni card on the reader to logout.


2. Add a print queue to your non-supported or personal computer


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