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Non-Supported Windows Desktop

Printing to a departmental network printer

Printing to a departmental network printer

  • Click the Windows Start button, and in the search box, type \\SERVERNAME\printers, then press return. Choose the appropriate servername for your area from the list below:
Area Server
Humanities and Social Science \\
Edinburgh College of Art \\
Medicine and Veterinary Medicine \\
Science and Engineering \\
Information Services \\
Corporate Services Group \\
University Secretary's Group \\
Staff Cloud Queues \\
Student Cloud Queues \\

1. If you are asked to enter a user name and password:

  • In the 'User name:' box type in 'ed\UUN' where UUN is your University User Name.
  • In the 'Password:' box type in your AD or open access machine password.

2. In the window that opens double click the printer you want to install.

You may be prompted for a user name and password the first time you print after each restart of your machine. To avoid this, you will need to store your credentials using credential manager.

  • Click the Windows Start button, search for "Credential Manager" then press enter:
  • Click "Add a Windows Credential".
  • Enter the network address and your credentials
  • Click 'OK ' and your credentials for accessing this printer will be stored on your computer.

Printing to a Cloud Printer

Print via the new Cloud Printing queues which cover all the main Libraries, open access labs and some Schools around the University.

Choose the staff or student cloud print server from the list above.



On your own computer, you MUST set the output colour to be mono (or grey scale) before sending to the cloud-mono queue, otherwise you will be charged for a colour document when you release your print job on a cloud-colour device.

The process of doing so will depend on which application it is you are printing from, but will likely be found in a Properties section under the File > Print menu option of that application.

Adding the printer

  1. If you are connected to the University 'eduroam' wireless service, please continue to step 2. If, however, you are on the 'central' wireless service, you would first need to connect your computer to the VPN service. Full details at
  2. Go to the 'Start' menu.
  3. Type the full Windows Printer Queue name of the printer you choose earlier on into the visible 'Run' box and press 'Enter', e.g. \\\Cloud-Mono if you are wanting to add the black-and-white Cloud printer queue.
  4. Your computer should look for the necessary driver to download and install for the desired printer queue.
  5. Once it has finished, the queue should then be available in the 'Devices and Printers' section of your 'Start' menu and be ready to print to.