Information Services


A quick way to print from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

This service, only available on the University network, allows staff, visitors and students to print documents by sending them as attachments in an email or uploading through a web interface to the EveryonePrint queue. They can then release them on an EveryonePrint enabled cloud device.

You can log into the web-based interface for EveryonePrint at the following address, which requires the use of your University EASE credentials.

How to use EveryonePrint:

Web Print

Upload documents to EveryonePrint using the web interface.

Email Print

Upload documents to EveryonePrint using an email attachment.

Releasing An EveryonePrint Job

You can release an EveryonePrint job on any EveryonePrint enabled Xerox MFP.

EveryonePrint FAQs

A list of common questions and answers about the EveryonePrint service.