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Cloud Printing

Cloud Printing is a 'follow-me' (pull-print) service for staff and students.



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How to use Cloud Printing


Adding a cloud print queue

There are two queues available to use:

Cloud-Mono (for B&W printing) or Cloud-Colour (for Colour printing).

University Supported Desktop computers

On library, open access lab computers and supported OSX computers
  • the queues are already installed
On Supported Windows Desktops
  • open the U drive
  • select "Cloud Print Queues" then "Staff Queues"
  • double click on "Cloud-Colour and Cloud-Mono" to install the queues

Non-managed computers

Sending a print job

 Printing to the cloud is the same as printing to any other printer. From your application, go to File >Print and select the cloud print queue you want to use.


If you have opted to install the queue and driver on non supported computers,  you MUST set the output colour to be mono (or grey scale) before sending to the cloud-mono queue, otherwise you will be charged for a colour document when you release your print job on a cloud-colour device.

The process of doing so will depend on which application it is you are printing from, but will likely be found in a Properties section under the File > Print menu option of that application.


Releasing a print job

Check you have your University card and credit in your printing account (All cloud printers now use Charged Balance and Free Quota Balance)

You will have up to 24 hours after sending your print job to 'release' it, i.e. actually print it out on paper. In order to be able to release the job, you must have your University card with you and also have credit in your printing account. Please see the link below on how to add credit:

Find a nearby Cloud printer

Open-Access Cloud Printer Locations

Please consult your local IT staff for the locations of departmental cloud printers.

Release your print job

  • Swipe your blue University Card over the card reader. If you are prompted to authenticate, enter your UUN/Matriculation Number (including the 's' at the start) followed by the password you use when logging onto University computers.
  • Select the 'Print job release' service. On some devices you will need to select 'Custom Services', then 'Print job release'. (Using an open access cloud device)
  • Touch the box next to the document(s) you want to print (a tick will appear). Colour documents will only appear on a colour MFP.
  • Touch the 'Print' button and your document(s) will print. Only at this point will you be charged.
  • Swipe your blue University Card over the card reader to log out completely.

PLEASE NOTE: Simply pressing the 'Exit' button on-screen will exit you from a particular area of the device (e.g. out of 'Print' or 'Copy') rather than logging you out of the interface. Although the Xerox device should automatically log a user out after an idle period of around a couple of minutes, you should use the green button to fully log yourself out once you have finished releasing your print job(s), otherwise someone else may use your credit!

Cloud Print FAQ

Troubleshooting issues with Cloud printing

Open-Access Cloud Printer Locations

The physical location and features available of all open access devices.

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