Information Services

Starting an application

To start an application, follow these instructions:

Opening applications

There are four locations where application icons may be found.

The Taskbar: click once on the icon that represents the application to open it.

The desktop: to open an application, click the Start button and click once on the tile that represents the desired application.

The start menu: Click on the Start button and type the name of the application or scroll through the list of applications until the one you want is displayed.  Click once on the application's name to open it.

Available software

Click the link below to view available applications on open-access computers.

Additional software

The uCreate area and Resource Centre provide multimedia and specialist IT facilities for all staff and students on a self-service basis.

This area provides additional software packages, such as:

  • Adobe Photoshop and Premiere for image and video editing
  • Dreamweaver for web development

Some schools also provide specialist software in particular open-access areas.