Information Services

Saving your files

You should save your files either to your OneDrive or to your Documents folder (also called your M: drive).

The University provides you with two storage areas where you can keep your files.

  • In the Documents folder (also called your M: drive) you have up to 2GB of personal space. Certain programmes may receive additional space allocations; in these cases further information will be provided to you by your School. You can save to this area from any application, and access it from any open-access computer when you are logged in.
  • With your Office 365 account, you have up to 1 TB of space in your OneDrive, which can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

Saving Microsoft Office documents

You can save files created using Microsoft Office and selected other applications directly to your OneDrive, which appears as 'OneDrive - University of Edinburgh' in the list of file locations when you are saving.

Saving all other documents

Ifr you are unable to save to OneDrive as there is no 'OneDrive - University of Edinburgh' location available, you should save files to your Documents folder (also called your M: drive). 

Uploading to OneDrive

Open your OneDrive in a web browser, by going to:

Sign in, then open OneDrive by clicking on the Office365 icon at the top left hand corner of the window and right clicking the OneDrive icon then selecting 'Open in new tab'. Your OneDrive folders are displayed. 

To upload a file:

  1. Open the OneDrive window.
  2. Click the Upload link from the menu to the top of the OneDrive window.
  3. Select Files or Folders. The local Documents folder is displayed.
  4. Browse to the required folder and select the file(s) or folder(s) to be uploaded. Click Open.
  5. The file(s) or folder(s) are uploaded.

You may also drag and drop files onto the OneDrive window.  

To learn more about OneDrive, visit the OneDrive web page:


Do not try to save your work to any other part of the computer, including the C: drive, as you may lose your work. Be particularly careful when working on an email attachment.

Saving an email attachment in Outlook 365

  1. Click on or open the email so that the attachment is visible.
  2. Click on the Save to OneDrive - University of Edinburgh link displayed below the attachment.  This saves the attachment into the Attachments folder.  If no such folder exists in OneDrive, one is created the first time you save an attachment to OneDrive.

Downloading an email attachment to your Documents folder

  1. Click on or open the email so that the attachment is visible.
  2. Click the Download link below the attachment then Save in the menu that appears.

The attachment is saved into your Documents folder automatically.

Save your work at least every 15 minutes, as computers do occasionally crash or lose power. Always save your files before locking your computer or leaving it unattended.