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Flexible Learning Spaces

Flexible Learning Spaces are a brand new edition to our open-access computer learning spaces. You can find them on the Second Floor in the Main Library and use them with no booking required.

There are a couple of things that Flexible Learning Spaces allow you to do:

  • Use the hub-monitor as your second monitor by plugging in a USB-C cable into your own device.
  • Use the Mac mini device that allows you to use the space just like you would use a normal Mac computer.
  • Charge your personal laptop.

There are 40 Flexible Learning seats available currently. 


Monitor Specification

Image showing Flexible Learning Space consisting of big monitor and laptop.
  • HP E27m G4, 27 inch display

  • Quad High Definition (QHD) Resolution: up to 2560 x 1440
  • USB-C connection to connect a compatible device (laptop/macbook/phone)
  • 65W Power output for laptop/phone charging via USB

Mac mini Specification

Image showing Flexible Learning space consisting of big monitor.
  • MacOS Ventura (Version: 13)
  • Apple M2 Processor (8‑core CPU & 10‑core GPU)
  • 8Gb Unified memory (RAM)
  • 256Gb SSD (solid state drive)

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