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University Windows laptops and tablets

A brief overview of Windows 10 laptop and tablet setup with the University's supported desktop build

The Windows 10 (SDX) laptop build has been created to help improve the experience of managed machines when they are not connected to the University network. With the increased uptake of tablet / touchscreen devices, it also offers support for touch interface by utilising Windows 10. The following features are included for use on laptops and tablets:

Unlike the former Windows 7 supported desktop or the desktop version of SDX build, the SDX laptop build does not perform any redirection of users’ document libraries (to satisfy the "works when completely offline" requirement). Users’ documents libraries are stored in their default locations (on the local hard drive). It is important to understand this and the risks and benefits of this setup.

For further information on this service plus a full description of every aspect of it as well as instructions on its usage, please see: