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University services - VPN or RDP

The most frequently-used services which require or do not require the Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Remote Desktop (RDP) to gain access.

The majority of University online services are available directly over the web wherever you are.

There are some systems that can only be accessed while connected to the Uni network. This is achieved either by using Remote Desktop (RDP) to remote into your work computer or via the University’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) service which makes your personal computer part of the Uni network.

 Which services require VPN?

Requires VPN Does not require VPN



On University-supported Windows 10 laptops, a feature known as DirectAccess is enabled by default which allows users to connect to a number of normally-restricted University services such as the DataStore (personal or shared network drives, e.g M:\ drive) without needing to connect to the VPN first.

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