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Cloud-printing on non-supported devices - DEPRECATED

How to print on non-supported computers or personal devices.


The University is currently migrating its printers over to the new EdPrint service. The following information on the old cloud-printing service for non-supported devices is considered deprecated.

1. EveryonePrint

Email Print - Upload documents to EveryonePrint using an email attachment

You can submit documents for printing from your University or personal email accounts.

A one-time verification for each email address you use is required to link your print account with the email address.

Simply send an email containing your document as an attachment to:

Authentication to print by email

If it is your first time at sending an attachment to the 'Email Print' service, you will receive a registration email back initially getting you to confirm the email account from which you are intending to send print jobs.

You can follow the hyperlink in the email and come to the following screen where you can register your email address using your Active Directory username (UUN) and password (i.e. the credentials used when logging onto University computers).

EveryonePrint Email Print Authentication

This service, allows you to upload or send by email, files, for release on a Cloud printer.

You have 24 hours after sending your print job to 'release it', otherwise it will be automatically removed from the queue.


There is a maximum overall email message size including attachments of 25MB. This limit is applied by the email provider and cannot be altered. Further info

To allow for the email message and encoding requirements, try to keep your attachments to a maximum file size of 20MB.

Unsupported File Attachments

When you send an attachment that is not a supported file type, you will receive an email advising you of this and encouraging you to change the document into one of the supported ones.

If you send an attachment using your University email account, you will receive a reply telling you that the system can not process the Universities charitable status message. This is normal and does not mean your other attachement have failed to reach everyonePrint.

Releasing your EveryonePrint print job on a cloud device

  1. Find a nearby cloud printer and swipe your Uni card on the reader to login.
  2. Choose 'EveryonePrint', select your print job (select 'options' to change the default print settings) and press 'Print'.
  3. Swipe your Uni card on the reader to logout.


2. Add a print queue to your non-supported or personal computer


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