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Before connecting your Research space or personal homespace on DataStore to your DataSync account, it is STRONGLY recommended to create a dedicated folder on DataStore to use as a sync location, otherwise you will be syncing with your root folder and all your data which may total several hundred GBs.

Connect DataSync to RDM DataStore


PLEASE NOTE : Sync issue using desktop clients and DataStore as an external storage connection

There is a known sync issue with desktop clients and external storage connections to DataStore:

  • The initial client side sync works fine from DataStore and any subsequent modification or addition of files/folders performed on the local desktop client end are synced successfully to DataStore.
  • However, any subsequent modification or addition of files/folders performed on the DataStore end are NOT synced by the local desktop client. 
  • Modifications and additions performed on the DataStrore end are synced successfully to the local desktop client either after logging to the web interface "" and browsing to the DataStore folder or when a modification is made on the local desktop client end again.

For this reason, we would advise users with external storage connections to DataStore to work exclusively on these files on the DataSync end - either through the web interface or the desktop ownCloud client.

1. Create a sync folder on DataStore

On your computer, navigate to your actual homespace (e.g. M:\ drive on a  Supported Windows PC, or your username shortcut in the Dock next to the Trash icon on a Supported Mac) or shared space and create a folder to sync with, e.g. 'datasync'

2. Add storage

Login to your DataSync account using your Active Directory (AD) username and password by navigating to the following address in your web browser:

  • Click on your UUN at the top-right corner, and select 'Personal' to open Personal Settings. Scroll down the page to the 'External Storage' section.
external storage - datasync

Please note!

You will need to know the folder path to your own Datastore directory in order to add it as external storage.

To find this information, click on "Click here to get your external storage details" to open the ECDF Storage Manager in a new browser tab. You should keep this tab open until you have finished linking your external storage. These instructions will require you to refer to both the DataSync and ECDF Storage Manager web pages.

  • First choose a Folder Name 

    • (This folder name will identify your DataStore connection and will appear in the root of your DataSync file tree. You can choose any folder name, but please note that the name must then be used uniformly in all other settings, as it is case-sensitive).

  • In the DataSync Personal Settings browser tab
    • Enter the folder name in the box marked A in the above image.
    • From the drop-down menu under the External Storage column,select "Add Storage - SFTP with secret key login"
  • Switch to the ECDF Storage Manager browser tab.
external storage - storage manager
  • Under 'External Storage', enter the folder name you chose earlier in the left-hand text box, 'Folder name', marked 'A' in the screenshot
  • Copy the Configuration (Host) information from the box marked B beneath 'Configuration'
  • Switch to the DataSync Personal Settings tab
  • Paste the host information into the Configuration (Host) text box
  • Enter your University username (uun) in the 'Username' text box
  • Switch to the ECDF Storage Manager tab
  • Copy the file path in the box marked 'D'. (The right-most text-box) (Triple-click on the text to highlight the entire path before copying
  • Switch to the DataSync Personal Settings tab
  • Paste the file path into the Remote Subfolder text box.
external storage lowercase

When all the information has been entered correctly, the red square on the left hand side will turn green.


Accessing DataStore via the web interface

  • Open the Files page by clicking the "DataSync logo" at the top left of the screen. You will now see the DataSync folder connected to your DataStore
datasync configured

Sharing DataStore connected as External Storage

The current DataSync version does not have External Storage folder sharing enabled by default. In order to enable it, please see the instructions here.

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