Information Services

Setting up and logging in

Configure your device and log into the APPS.ED service.

Download and install the Citrix Workspace app

On your computer

  1. Visit 
  2. Expand the 'Workspace app for...' section and click the 'Citrix Workspace app...' link for your device type (Windows/Mac etc.)
  3. Click 'Download Citrix Workspace app...', run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.
    • If asked to ‘Enable Single Sign-on’, do not tick the box.
    • If asked to add an account, please do not, and complete the installation (you will add it in the instructions below)

Video guide: Download and install the Citrix Workspace app

On your mobile or tablet (iOS or Android)

Visit the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and search for and install 'Citrix Workspace'.

Configure the Citrix Workspace app and log in

Please note: You may need to restart your computer after setting up the app.

  1. Launch the install Citrix Workspace app and the 'Add Account' option should appear. Mac users may need to go to Citrix Workspace > Preferences > Accounts to add this.
  2. Enter as the server address and press 'Add'.
  3. Enter your University username (e.g. jbloggs / s0123456) and password.
  4. Press ‘Sign In’ and enter your details again.
  5. Tick the box to 'Remember my password', and press 'Log On'.

Video guide: Logging in

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Need any help?

If you have any difficulty accessing APPS.ED via the Citrix Workspace app, please visit the web interface in your browser:

For any other assistance, please visit:

APPS.ED Help and Support