Information Services

Service Overview

Details of service entitlement and the applications available for use.

What is APPS.ED?

APPS.ED is primarily a service to provide non-campus-based students access to common learning and teaching apps on their own devices.

Service entitlement

The service available to all matriculated students and University staff. It is not available for Visitors to the University due to licensing restrictions.

What applications are available?

Software available for users to gain access to is now available on Remote software page.

Please note: The software available on Remote software  page also includes software available on the WVD service and free downloadable software.

Note that some license restrictions may apply.

Need any help?

If you have any difficulty accessing APPS.ED via the Citrix Workspace app, please visit the web interface in your browser:

For any other assistance, please visit:

APPS.ED Help and Support