Information Services

SAN charges

Both SAN services are charged services to cover the capital cost of purchase, replacement and maintenance.

The charges over a 5 year period are similar in both SANs but are charged in different ways to reflect the different ways that the SANs are funded. Additionally a top-sliced allocation on the research SAN is made available to all research staff.

Disk charges

Disk storage is charged per terabyte of the raw disk sizes. After removing the overheads for resilience (RAID) and formatting this results in the visible storage available for data being approximately 0.78 of the raw size.

Disk charges are quoted per raw terabyte, but storage is available in units of 250GB. i.e. 0.25TB, 0.5TB, 0.75TB, 1TB etc. and is charged pro-rata. All charges include VAT and are reviewed annually.

Backup charges

Backups are taken nightly and normally cover a calendar month with older data then expiring from the backup dataset. Backup charges are based on a one-off capital recovery charge and then a recurrent annual charge both are scaled based on the volume of data to be backed up.

Connection costs

There may be an additional cost to connect a new server to the SAN storage or backup facilities. These costs may include relocation of the server, purchase of Host Bus Adapter cards, ports on the SAN network and backup licences.

Getting a quotation

Please contact the IS Unix Section if you wish a quote for the provision of SAN storage or of storage backup.