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The Edinburgh FTP server is managed by Information Services. It holds information which may be useful to people in the University and space is provided for individuals and groups upon request. Upload facilities are also available.

Description of the service content

The public content of the server is in a sub-directory called pub. There are also two upload areas called incoming and edupload. These are explained below.

Under pub/sun-fixes we hold Sun software patches. This is by no means a full set of patches and we can't guarantee that the versions here are the most up to date. However the README files are often a good place to start looking for ‘known problems'. The file PATCHINDEX holds a list of patches with a short description of each patch.

The Edinburgh ftp area is also available on holyrood and other EUCS services as /homes/remote/ and project groups who have been granted space can manage their files via holyrood.

Upload facilities for file sharing

The directory 'incoming' is a place where files may be stored. This directory is provided as a resource for communicating files between University of Edinburgh users and others; it is not a free Internet resource.

If you put files here then please send mail to the FTP server maintainer ( explaining what should be done with them. If notification is not received, the files will be removed.

This directory is not readable, so once files are placed here you will not be able to see them.

You should also contact the person who you are passing the files to and provide them with the server name and names of all the files e.g.:

To retrieve files, the exact filename and path should be used e.g.:

The directory 'edupload' may be used by anyone connected to the University network to upload files in the same manner as above. However, no mail notification needs to be sent to the FTP server maintainer and files will remain in the directory for one week. Please do NOT upload files to both this and the incoming directory - choose one or the other.

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