Information Services

Accessing the archive

The service is provided by an FTP service. The service is available at

Logging in

The service is available at You may login to the service using your University Username and a special archive service password e.g.

shell$ ftp

Connected to

220- This is the University of Edinburgh Archive Service

Unauthorised access is a criminal offence under The Computer Misuse Act 1990.

If you are not an authorised user, logout NOW.

To be kept informed of system downtime and other alert information, please subscribe to the archive-alerts mailing list.

220 Archive Server Name (

331 Password required for uun


230 User uun logged in

Remote system type is UNIX.

Using binary mode to transfer files


Changing your archive service password

If you wish to change your archive service password, you can do so by making a telnet connection to Login with your University Username and current password and then run the passwd command. You will then be prompted to enter your new password twice. Please note that you must be connected to the university network either directly or VPN for this to work.

Common commands

will list the files in the current directory
mkdir dir
will create a new sub-directory called dir
cd dir
will change your current directory to the sub-directory dir
get file
will fetch the file named file from the archive to your desktop system
put file
will put the file called file on your local system and upload it to the current working directory on the archive