Information Services

Service charges

With the exception of Wireless Access Points (WAPs) these charges apply annually, in addition to the maintenance charges, to unfunded organisations.

Network service charges
Ethernet repeater ports (segment) £515.00  
Router ports £4152.00 Note 1
Etherswitch (per 12 ports) £515.00 Note 2
Additional 100 Mbps backbone port £515.00 Note 2
1000 Mbit/s (Gigabit) backbone port £515.00 Note 2
Dial-up (per registered user) £124.00  
Cisco 35xx router/switch £515.00  
1000 Mbps etherswitch £515.00  
Wireless access point £479.00 Note 3


  1. Where a router port is shared with a funded unit, the charge will be pro rata on the number of ports on the ethernet.
  2. See the appropriate note in the Estates and Buildings department's guide to voice and data communication installations for explanation - these figures are for illustration only. These charges are for organisations who are within 1km of either the King's Buildings or George Square campuses. They may be multiplied by 1.2 for organisations within 10km of either area, and by 2 for organisation beyond that if physical on-site support is required. In addition, commercial organisations shall be charged a commercial, individually negotiable fee.
  3. For an unfunded organisation the Network Service charge for a WAP (Wireless Access Point) is a one off capital charge of #479 instead of an annual charge.