Information Services

Maintenance charges

The annual maintenance charges shall be as follows:

Network maintenance charges
Ethernet repeater ports (segments) £128.00 Note 1
Router ports £1706.00 Note 2
Etherswitch (per 12 ports) £128.00 Note 3
Additional 100 Mbps backbone port £33.00 Note 4
1000 Mbps (Gigabit) backbone port £128.00 Note 5
Additional fibre pairs £387.00 Note 6
Cisco 35xx router/switch £510.00 Note 7
1000 Mbps etherswitch £254.00 Note 3
Wireless access point £44.00 Note 8
Private wireless access point £44.00 Note 8


  1. This applies to "thin-wire" installations. For twisted pair installations, each repeater will be charged pro-rata, based on a 12 port repeater being equivalent to one thin-wire repeater port. Single attachments through a transceiver are charged at one eighth of a thin-wire segment.
  2. Per network connections usually only apply to those networks not maintained by EUCS. Where a private network is attached and has a mixture of organisations, then the annual maintenance charge will be pro rata on the number of ports.
  3. Ether switches are available with a multiplicity of configurations, especially port numbers. Their maintenance charge will be based on the number of ports, which includes the same infrastructure element as a 12 port repeater. The charges shown are are for the current basic recommended switch models and may be increased if a higher specification switch is installed with the agreement of the department. Disconnection of ports: While there is no charge for disconnecting any port there will be a charge for reconnecting this port within the current financial year. The charge will be the annual charge taking into account the number of existing ports plus a connection charge of #30 for up to 5 ports reconnected or #50 for more than 5 ports reconnected.
  4. Extra 100 Mbps ports backbone ports may be purchased by departments at a capital cost of #515. Each will then carry an extra recurrent charge as shown.
  5. If a department wishes a Gigabit backbone port to replace the 100 Mbps port it is entitled to on the backbone, there will be a capital cost of ᕅ for the router interface, plus any fibre termination costs (if required) plus an extra recurrent cost as shown.
  6. If sufficient fibres exist, a department may rent a pair between buildings in the same campus area. This charge is per pair, per fibre cable - as cables usually run out from Information Services distribution points, getting between two buildings usually means using two cables. Information Services can advise on any requirements and costs.
  7. The Cisco 35xx range of routing/switches is used in certain specialist situations when agreed with the School.
  8. A school can install and maintain its own WAPs and link them to the central system - the private charge reflects the maintenance of the central gateways etc.