Information Services

Network charging

This details the Information Services charges for the EdLAN network for the year August 2011 to July 2012. Charges are levied according to a classification of units within the University organisational hierarchy.

Classification of charges

Most units are classed as funded, ie Information Services is funded to provide services to those units, and charges made are generally to cover consumables only.

The major exception is the network, maintenance of which is charged out to all units. All of the units in the organisational hierarchy are funded with the following exceptions:

  • Everything under Non Specific Units/External Units
  • Accommodation Services Catering Outlets
  • Edinburgh Research and Innovation
  • Edinburgh University Press
  • Health Centre
  • Institute of Applied Language Studies
  • Joint Purchasing Board
  • Parking Office
  • Printing Services
  • Staff Unions

All other UK Government funded, and all not for profit organisations, plus the above exceptions are unfunded units, i.e. Information Services is not funded to provide service and thus the charges made reflect the staff effort to deliver the services plus any consumables.

Services may also be provided to commercial companies on a case by case basis. Note that VAT is payable on all charges to units external to the University.

All network users pay a basic maintenance charge for each ethernet, switch or backbone port etc. which they have in service. This covers the maintenance costs incurred by IS for the network, but excludes any staff costs.

In addition, unfunded organisations will pay a Network Service Charge, also based on the number and type of port occupied. The Network Service Charge is an estimate of the staff effort required to maintain each type of connection.

Installation charges

All installations, except for moves to new locations requested by the University, are charged at cost.

Maintenance charges

The annual maintenance charges shall be as follows:

Service charges

With the exception of Wireless Access Points (WAPs) these charges apply annually, in addition to the maintenance charges, to unfunded organisations.

Other services

We also offer equipment hire, installation planning and fault finding services to private networks and external organisations.