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Replacement Schedule

Details of the network replacement schedule

The network replacement project has completed all outstanding works on the migration of the distribution routers (DRT's) across all campuses.  The DRT's are key pieces of network infrastructure that link all the remote buildings across a campus to the University core network. 

The team are continuing to progress the replacement of the edge network (wired and wireless equipment) in University Buildings. The currently planned schedule for Edge Network Replacement can be viewed below.  

IS ALERTS will provide specific information about each migration once they are planned and confirmed. Detailed technical information will be provided in each IS alert.

If you are unsure about your building name then check the campus maps

Scheduled Work - Distribution Network

There are two phases to the replacement of the Distribution Layer of the network, the first is the Logical Migration which is moving the routing function for each VLAN from the old Distribution Router to the new Distribution Router. The second stage involves moving the physical connections, this will happen as each downstream buildings or location has it's edge network replaced.

Scheduled Work - Edge Network

The Edge network replacement has various stages to it depending on the agreed schedule and the individual location being replaced.


  • Initial phase - this is a like for like replacement of the existing Wireless Access Points with the new Aruba access points. It should improve throughput, depending on your device capabilities but won't resolve any coverage issues.
  • Enhancement phase - A post install Wi-Fi survey will be completed to highlight gaps in coverage or poor signal strength. The output of the survey will then be analysed and a further piece of work scheduled to add additional WAP's to new locations or places where coverage is poor and also to move existing WAP's to optimise coverage and signal.


  • Targeted replacement - Some areas may have targeted Wired network replacement to allow the replacement of the WiFi network ahead of the full Wired network replacement.
  • Full replacement - This will be scheduled through consultation with stakeholders and communicated to affected users.


Not all buildings are scheduled yet but once dates are agreed with the various stakeholders this list will be updated.  Any buildings with dates detailed below are subject to change, particularly those which are currently Phase 3, or In Planning.  The Edge Network (wired and Wi-Fi) replacement schedule can be viewed below (click to expand).


Completed Work

The project team have already made significant progress replacing a number of elements of the network, a full list is provided below (click to expand).