Information Services

Services offered to external organisations

Under JANET Proxy Connection rules, University departments can offer services to any third party organisation or company, provided that it is in the University's interests to do so. These services can include:

Advice for University departments

  • Provision of electronic mail facilities via departmental hosts.
  • A login account on a departmental host system which provides JANET access.
  • World Wide Web (WWW) pages mounted on departmental hosts.
  • Use by third parties of departmental dial up facility to access JANET.

Note that while Information Services offers these services directly it does not offer support to any third party via a University department.

If a department offers these services, then it must provide all of the support to the third party.

A third part organisation may not:

  • Directly connect an organisation's network to our own and hence to JANET.
  • Attach an organisation's own computer systems directly to the University EdLAN network.


The Computing Policy Advisory Committee is responsible for taking any decision on whether it is in the University's interests to offer service to any specific individual.

In the first instance however departments should take this decision. Any cases of doubt should be referred to Jim Leitch, ITI Network Team, Information Services who can refer the issue on to the IT Infrastructure Division Director and the Computing Policy Advisory Committee if required.

All Proxy use must conform strictly to the JANET Acceptable Use Policy and the JANET Connection Policy.

The University will be held responsible for any breaches of these policies, therefore it is essential that the proxy connection form is completed for every user to whom service is offered.

Information Services also has an obligation to record such services centrally to comply with the licence we have obtained from JANET.


If a department is to offer such a service, the proxy connection form must be completed and signed by both the third party, and the department.

The form should then be sent to Information Services, along with an eIT, covering any Information Services or external charge. Information Services charges and known external charges are shown below.


Basic initial registration (per proxy account) £20.00
Subsequent year renewal fee £10.00
Primary Domain Name service fee (annual) £50.00

Note that Information Services will charge University departments directly. It is department’s responsibility to absorb the charge or pass it on to the proxy.

Where a domain name requires to be registered, the third party is required to undertake such registration directly with the relevant registration organisation. These are:

  • For and JANET. The current charge for the creation of a new domain name is #94 including VAT.
  • For all other .uk names: Nominet, the internet registry for .uk domain names