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Installing the Certificate in Chrome on Windows

To install the certificate in Chrome on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 8 please follow these instructions.

1. Remove the old certificate

Chrome uses the operating system's built-in certificate store.

2. Download the certificate

When you click on the certificate (see link below) the certificate file will be downloaded and saved. You will see a button to the downloaded file at the bottom of the Chrome window. Click on this button to open the file.

3. Install certificate

A window will open showing the certificate information. You can validate the certificate now by clicking on Details and then Show All and scroll to the Thumbprint field and select it. The displayed thumbprint should match the following:

29 38 88 9D 65 72 7C 9E 3D E0 13 3C 19 7B 18 6E DD 06 0A 87

Now click on General again and then click the Install Certifcate... button.

The Certificate Import Wizard window will open. Click Next >

Ensure that it has selected the option to automaically select th certificate store and click Next >

Now click Finish to complete the process. A dialog box should popup to say that the import was successful. You can click on OK to dismiss this and then click on OK on the Certificate window to dismiss that.