Information Services

Installing the Certificate in Firefox

Follow these instructions to install the University of Edinburgh Certificate Authority (CA) certificate in Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape browsers.

1. Remove the old certificate

This step is only required if you've installed the University's old root certificate onto Firefox.

Select the "Open Menu" (3 horizontal bars) icon in the top-right of the window and select "Preferences", "Advanced" then "Certificates".

Click the "View Certificates" button and select the "Authorities" tab.

Scroll right down to "University of Edinburgh", highlight "University of Edinburgh CA" and select "Delete or Distrust". Hit OK to remove the certificate.

2. Download the certificate

When you click on the certificate (see link below) a window will open telling you that you are about to install the new certificate.

3. Verify the certificate is correct

Click on View to check that the certificate is correct. You will now see that the certificate is issued to The University of Edinburgh and it is issued by The University of Edinburgh. Check that the certificate's SHA1 Fingerprint is as follows:


and click on Close. If the certificate fingerprint was incorrect then contact the IS Helpline for assistance.

4. Accepting the certificate

Now you need to accept the certificate for use with various services. Please select all three trust options on this screen and then click on OK.