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Enterprise Cloud Service (Grace)

This Openstack service is available for agile development and small project use.

These use cases will guide people to using the Developer Cloud service:

Agile development use cases

  • a developer needs to quickly spin up a new instance of a virtual machine to develop a new service, test and then destroy it again and repeat, without the overhead of having to request the creation of a virtual machine through the virtual hosting service. This would support an agile development process and complement a DevOps approach to service development;

  • an application developed as above needs to be migrated to the virtual hosting service when it enters full production service. 

Burst capacity

  • an application that routinely runs on a small virtual machine or small number of virtual machines on the virtual hosting service but occasionally needs to “burst out” and replicate itself to provide greater processing capacity during busy periods;
  • an application running on a non-virtualised service but that can be pre-packaged as a “cloud image” and can be spun up through an API to provide extra processing capacity during busy periods similar to the above. An example, of such a service might be Edina’s Digimap for Schools service;
  • an application developed through the agile development process above needs to enter production as a scalable service from the outset, running up additional instances as required


OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout datacentres,  managed through a dashboard or API empowering users to provision resources.

Getting started

How to connect to the Grace (Hopper) Cloud Computing Service

Availability and entitlement

The Enterprise Cloud service (Grace) provides an agile development platform for hosting Windows, Linux and Unix x86 based operating systems and services that may require elastic burst growth to deal with demand.

Technical description

Technical description of the Grace Cloud service, providing information about the technology used and the suitability of the service for applications.

Requesting access

Detail on self-service and how to get access to the service.

Getting help

Where to get help about this Enterprise Cloud service (Grace)