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This page provides information about where to get help for both users and service providers using Shibboleth.

Help for end users

If you are having general problems you should contact the IS Helpline in the first instance. If you are having problems accessing particular electronic journals you should contact the IS Helpdesk.

In both cases provide as much information as possible about what you were trying to access, when you were trying to access it, any error messages and the steps taken to reproduce the problem.

Help for service providers

If you are a service provider and are interested in using Shibboleth please contact the IS Helpline in the first instance.

For more information on Shibboleth in general see:

For more information on the UK Access Federation see:

IS Helpline contact information

To get more help please:

IS Helpdesk contact information

To get help with specific journals and articles contact the IS Helpdesk:

IS Helpdesk

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