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Changes to EASE - Semester 1, 2019

The EASE authentication service is undergoing some changes.

What is EASE?

The University's single-sign-on authentication service,, which provides secure University account access to services such as MyEd, Learn and much more.

What changes are being made?

  1. The service's look and feel will be cleaned up, simplified and tied in with the main University website's theme.
  2. The 'EASE' name will be removed and the service rebranded as 'Your University Login'.
  3. A two-step login process will be introduced.
  4. Text, image and help content will be updated to ensure full accessibility.

The new login process

When accessing a restricted service (e.g. MyEd):

  1. The login page appears (as below) and you are asked to input your University username (UUN).
  2. Once you have clicked to continue, you will then be prompted to input your password.
  3. If your login attempt is successful, you are then directed to a welcome page and can access any University systems that use the authentication service.

Do I need to do anything?

No, this is for information only. You DO NOT need to re-register for the service or take any specific action when the updated service goes live.

When will these changes be made?

During Semester 1, the final quarter of 2019.

Need any help?

For any questions or comments on the service or these changes:

Your University Login - FAQs