Information Services

Policy and strategy

Access control door policy and strategy issues.

Installation charges

Installation costs may involve elements for the provision of network and power connections, as well as the provision of the card reader and associated hardware. The following document gives general guidance on costs.

Maintenance Charges

New internal access control doors (i.e. those which do not form part of the security perimeter of a building) incur an annual maintenance charge. The following document describes and justifies the charge.


Note that the door system is designed for access control. It does not offer 100% high-security intruder protection.

Who went through which door?

The system records the card ( and by association, the card owner) that was granted (or denied) access to a door, together with the time and date. This information counts as "personal data" under the terms of the Data Protection Act, and Information Services therefore cannot release such data, except in response to a request by the police through the University Security department.


The access control door service does not include the provision of statistical reports.

New University card

The University has introduced a new card which includes “proximity” technology. This enables the University to move away from “swipe” card readers to more modern technology. The strategy is to install proximity card readers on new access control doors, and when an existing reader requires to be replaced.