Information Services

Door not working

If a card does not give access through a particular door or turnstile, it is usually because the card is not authorised for that door or turnstile at that particular time.

Information Services does not make decisions about who should be able to get through which doors or turnstiles (except in the case of access to IS’s own areas). Please do NOT contact Information Services to obtain access to a secure area (except of course for IS's own areas).

Each door or turnstile is the responsibility of one or more “Door Managers”, who are able to change who can access which door. Door Managers are usually people with authority and responsibility for an area or an entire building.

Therefore, an individual who wishes to obtain access to a particular area needs to contact someone with authority over that area. Examples are:

  • School Administrator
  • Department Superintendent
  • Chief Technician
  • Facilities Manager
  • Business Manager
  • IT Manager

The Door Manager will wish to know exactly which door is involved, the card number in question, the name and affiliation of the card owner, and the time of day for which access is being requested. The Door Manager will decide whether to grant access.

Occasionally there may be a genuine door fault - in which case no card is likely to open the door.