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Access control doors

Around the University are many hundred card readers which enable University card holders to selectively gain access to restricted areas. Entrances controlled by card readers are called "access control doors".

Turnstiles (such as those giving access to the Main Library) are also controlled by card readers, and this section of the website applies equally to them.

Card Security

It is your responsibility to keep your card secure. Do not give or lend it to anyone else, and do not reveal your PIN. Doing so constitutes a violation of the University's Computing Regulations.

Card services

Computing Regulations

Access problems

If you are having problems using your card to access an area, it is likely because you are not authorised to access the area.

Door managers

Information for Door Managers in Schools and other units.

Requesting new doors

Fitting a card reader to an existing door is often possible, but needs careful thought.

Policy and strategy

Access control door policy and strategy issues.