Information Services


Detailed information about the location of our videoconferencing suites.

There are various VC facilities operated across the University Estate by Colleges / Schools.  The IS Group offer three VC locations:

Central Area - Main Library

  • Studio Booking System Name: Main-Library-1.15
  • Location: Room 1.15,  1st Floor, Main Library
  • Seating capacity: 10-12 persons
  • Display facilities: DVD, document camera, dedicated PC
  • Number of cameras: 1

Kings Buildings - JCMB

  • Studio Booking System Name: jcmb-2009
  • Location: Room 2009, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Kings Buildings
  • Seating capacity: 4 persons whilst temporarily located
  • Display facilities: dedicated PC, HDMI input
  • Number of cameras: 1

Holyrood - Paterson's Land

  • Studio Booking System Name: holyrood-patersons
  • Location: Room LG2 Paterson's Land
  • Capacity: 11 persons
  • Display facilities: VHS-VCR, document camera, dedicated PC
  • Number of cameras: 1