Information Services

Telephone handsets

Information on the University telephone handsets.

The University of Edinburgh is shifting from analogue to VoIP handsets. The rollout of the new equipment commenced in March 2016 and is an ongoing exercise.

Standard analogue handset

The University no longer uses or deploys analogue handsets as this is legacy technology which doesn't deliver the functionality required for the diverse needs of the university.

DTerm series handset

This handset is being replaced with the DT series handset

DT handset features

How to access a range of features using the DT series handset.

DT series handset

How to use the NEC DT700 Series VoIP handset to make, answer and transfer calls.

Ergoline handset

The University has replaced its analogue phone system with a VoIP solution and therefore Ergoline handsets are no longer deployed.

G series cordless handset

How to use the NEC G-Series handset.