Information Services

Make and receive calls

Using your desk phone.

Make an internal call

  • Lift the handset and dial the 6-digit extension number - e.g. 50xxxx or 51xxxx
  • Internal calls are FREE from your handset

Making external calls

  • Lift the handset – dial 9 followed by the number you wish to call
  • Local numbers don’t require the 0131 area code
  • International calls require 00

Receiving an incoming call

  • The University of Edinburgh Switchboard number is 0131 650 1000. Calls coming in from an external source will be connected via the Switchboard to your extension, if known.
  • All University extensions have Direct Dialling In (DDI)

There are 3 tiers of level access

  • Internal calls only
  • Internal/Local/Mobile/National
  • Internal/Local/Mobile/National/International

Emergency calls

  • To call the University Security Department, dial 2222
  • Lift phones automatically dial 2222
  • All phones, with the exception of lift phones, can dial (9) 999 for the emergency services

Telephone switchboard

  • The University’s telephone switchboard is open 0900 to 1700 on weekdays, excluding the Christmas break. The switchboard answers incoming external calls to the main University number 0131 650 1000
  • To contact the switchboard from a University extension; dial 0