Information Services

Moves and changes

Change and move extension numbers, pick up groups and level access requests.

Moving office?

  • If you are moving within your current building, unplug your handset and take to your new location, plug in and let the phone reboot.  Once it has rebooted, lift the handset and you will see you’re number displayed on the right hand side of the LCD.  That’s you good to go.
  • If you are moving to a different building, your phone won’t automatically travel with you, you should contact Telephone Services for further assistance.  They will ask you for the MAC address which you’ll find underneath the handset starting 0060, please have this ready.

Pick Up Group

  • Contact Telephone Operations to be added to a pick up group, provide an extension number already in the group!  *89 to pick up calls.
  • Contact Telephone Operations if your number should be deleted from pick up group.  Your extension can only be in one pick up group at any time.

Dialling Access

  • Contact Telephone Operations if you require any change to be applied to your dialling access.

    • Internal
    • Local/Mobile
    • National/Mobile
    • Full International Dialling Access

Programmable Keys

  • These can be set up for speed dialling or departmental numbers can be set up on the handset.  Contact Telephone Operations for further assistance.