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Training Resources for Power BI

If you want to learn more about using Power BI there are many great sources online.

Learning the basics of visualisations to the beginning of DAX are covered both in course, or Microsofts own online training videos 


Power BI support team are in the process of developing a bespoke end-user / report consumer training, in the meantime, we recommend Microsoft's guide.


Before creating reports it's good to review some guidelines and best practices. Microsoft has some useful guides, and many more can be found online.


Power BI is being regularly updated and enhanced by Microsoft,  a great way to stay in touch or learn how to do specific tasks in either Power BI Desktop or online in Office 365 is get involved in the online user communities


If you are looking for additional video resources then Guy in a Cube is great for some 'How-Tos' and topic overviews, Enterprise DNA videos are an excellent start to understanding data modelling in Power BI