Information Services

Requesting access to University datasets

How do I request access to University data and reports?

SAP BusinessObjects

In SAP BusinessObjects each University business unit has its own separate public folder within the SAP BusinessObjects, which contain their set of standard reports and Exploration Spaces.

Importantly, each unit governs access to its own content. Therefore, to request access you will need to:

  • Request access directly from the relevant content provider's helpdesk
  • Report problems with reports, information spaces or data should go directly to the relevant helpdesk

For a list of who to contact, see the available University datasets page.

Power BI

At present Power BI does not have any direct connections as standard to University data sources, but should you require ant data from the below sources please reach out to the data owners who can guide you in how to access their data. If you are unsure how to access the data you require please submit a question through the Power BI web form.